The project JaWo Music residencies is aimed at 20 emerging musicians / authors selected by a highly qualified jury. The reference is the European jazz / world music scene.

The general objective of the project is to create, for the 20 selected musicians, learning opportunities from acclaimed professionals in the jazz / world-music field (Luca Aquino, Carmine Ioanna, Gabriele Coen, Francesco Bearzatti), to increase the ability to create and write music also through particular methodologies for the exchange of knowledge and international collaborations between the selected musicians; promote an intersectoral network between the various players in the music market linked to the jazz and world-music sphere.

Specifically, the project wants:

– Develop the skills and aptitudes of the young musicians / authors selected in order to create winning strategies for the promotion and dissemination of musical products;

– Develop narrative and story-telling skills useful for identifying your target group;

– Connect the artists with the most important record companies on the European jazz / world-music scene

– Implementing coaching and training strategies and methodologies and copyright issues.

The project activities will be divided into 5 phases:

  1. Phase Selection of 20 musicians / author at European level; April, May, June 2021
  2. Phase Campus of exchange, co-creation on line session (10 days with tutors and musical coaches) June/July 2021
  3. Phase free on-line co-creation session supported by musical coaches ( two months) August-September 2021
  4. Phase co-production training for the 20 selected musicians in presence (South Italy – Benevento Province) (10 days) September/October 2021
  5. Phase Promotion and dissemination of project and musical products within festivals, reviews, fairs dedicated to Jazz and world music throughout Europe4. Phase Evaluation and summary of the whole experience Octobere-November-December 2021 Jenuary-February-March 2022